About me

Leonardo Zaytoun
Business Service Consultant

Year of birth 1963
Nationality German
Languages German, English and Arabic
Experience Architecture Kurse
All-round experience in the construction industry
Sales and marketing manager- Luxury items in U.A.E.
Brand manager- Luxury items in U.A.E.
Sales superviser- Luxury items in U.A.E.
Manager 4-stars Gastronomy
Present activities Owner and manager - Paldeal Eurpoe e.K.
( Wholesale branded perfumes and cosmetics)
Owner and manager - Oase Beauty Lounge
(Cosmetic and beauty center)
Owner and manager - Zaytoun Freelance general services - Germany

Leonardo Zaytoun has over 35 years of experience in the business field of luxury products. He is diplomatic in business negotiations and communications especially when involved in European and Arabic mentality. His attribute as a dynamic experienced team leader, reflects also as a solid decision maker and working under pressure. Flexibility, innovation and capability of taking new projects and innovations are a part of his strength, in addition to holding responsibility and working independently.

Strong points, Knowledge and skills

Take advantage of my special skills and extensive knowledge for your project.

Purchasing and sales 88%
Organization and planning95%
Market analyses 86%
Team leadership and team building 75%
Multilangualism 90%


  • Personnel Management/Personnel Planning
  • Advertising/Promotion
  • Finance/Balance sheets/Accounting
  • Negotiations
  • Customer Care
  • Seminar implementation
  • Import/Export of goods

Experts Network

Over the years I have built up an extensive network of experts. This network covers a wide variety of areas. These include both the luxury goods and Trust hand sectors, as well as the real estate and consumer goods sectors.
I am assisted by numerous experts whose expertise i can also access in English and Arabic-speaking countries. The resulting synergy effects can also be used for your project.


My Partners

Numerous experts support my network and form my network of experts.

Synergy Effects

The bundled broad expertise of my experts leads to enormous synergy effects.
Cross-sector know-how, when used correctly, can for example be the cause for:
Reducing the fixed costs
Optimizing the commercial costs
Reducing the investments costs
Facilitated market analyzes